Application Forms to Download

Download the .pdf file (Right Click on filename+"save target file as").
All the forms can be downloaded, filled out and sent back via email.
You need to: 1) download the .pdf form, 2) open the downloaded .pdf file 3) use "Fill and Sign" option to fill the form 4) save the file and send it via email.

You can also print them and drop in person by the Secretary Office of the Church.

Baby Dedication Form

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baby-dedication-form-sobc.pdf (93.24 KB) 93.24 KB

Pre-marital Counselling Form

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pre-marital-counseling-form-sobc-page-1.pdf (112.4 KB) 112.4 KB

Baptism and Membership Form

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application-for-baptism-and-membership-form-sobc.pdf (158.84 KB) 158.84 KB

Use of Facilities Agreement

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use-of-facilities-agreement-form-sobc.pdf (211.72 KB) 211.72 KB