Welcome Message from Rev. Mark David

Welcome to the Church of the Open Bible, Siparia, a place where people are a priority, God’s word is preeminent and prayer and worship is powerful. We trust that while visiting our website you would utilise the opportunities offered to interact with us to make prayer requests or submit praise reports .

The media section allows you the privilege of being blessed by some of our sermons or music written by members of this church. In the “About SOBC” section you will find a map to assist you in locating us so that we could have the pleasure of meeting and serving you in person.

It is an honour to be the seventh pastor of the church and to build on the foundation which has been laid by my predecessors. May the Lord bless them all and their co-labourers in the vineyard of Siparia. We would ensure that their labour would not be in vain, but the legacy of faith would be transferred to succeeding generations. (Psalms 78:4-7 )
Like in any other life, the church has experienced mountains and valleys. In spite of the valley experiences the command of God is to “Arise and shine!” for there is too much gross darkness in the world around us to wallow in self-pity. We are to be the light shining forth in the dismal darkness of the world, bringing the hope of Christ and the direction of His word to a lost and dying world.

Based on the prophecy of Isaiah 60:1-5 , God’s ultimate intention for His kingdom on the earth is clear:

1. His people must arise and shine because He - our light, has come and His glory is upon us;

2. We are therefore distinct because gross darkness covers the earth;

3. We need to lift our eyes round about us, above our personal grievances and needs and see the wider needs of the community around us;

4. This vision should cause us to flow together in unity, rather than squabbling and amplifying our differences;

5. As we shine (they would see our good works and glorify the Father) and the abundance of the sea shall be converted unto us, the forces of the Gentiles shall come unto us.    
This is the vision that the Church must unite together and pursue. Surely this we will do with God’s help.

Rev. Mark David